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What does awareness mean for us?

For us, the term awareness means that we want to ensure that everyone feels as safe and comfortable as possible at our parties. In order to create and maintain such a safer space, we have an awareness team at the party itself, as well during preparations and in the

follow-up. The members of the team act as contact persons for people who have experienced boundary violations or conflicts, need to talk or require support of any kind.

At the parties themselves, there is always an Awareness point, at least one awareness person at the entrance, a fixed station at the playground / darkroom, and several awareness people who are constantly present on the dancefloors. We work together with security and the door and are involved in the development, implementation and improvement of the security concept.

For our team, awareness starts with ourselves. We endeavour to be sensitive and aware of a wide range of discriminatory structures and forms of social violence. To this end, we learn new things every day and are constantly in dialogue with each other, e.g. in our preparation and follow-up meetings. We attend training courses, lectures and workshops, which we also document here, and are in contact with other organisers of the Cologne-Bonn Nightlife.

The three principles of awareness work:


Individual boundaries must be respected: NO always means NO! And even more important: only YES means YES! We have rules for our parties and our playgrounds, darkrooms and performances, which are there to protect the boundaries of all participants and can lead to exclusion from the party if they are not observed (see RULES).

Power of definition

Where an assault begins is always determined by the person concerned. They have the right to decide what happens after the incident. Which incidents lead to people feeling attacked, disrespected, discriminated against, hurt, belittled or overwhelmed is not questioned.


Our work is victim-centred. We do not question the perception or credibility of the person concerned. We are neither judges nor police officers, but are there for the needs and safety of our guests.

Definition of safer space




There is no such thing as a completely safe space. It is impossible for us to guarantee 100% safety. Hence the tem safer space.

We try to keep the space as safe as possible. CHIN CHIN is a special space in this regard, as it is not a queer-only space, but a meeting place for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, nationalities, religions, etc. This poses a particular challenge for us. Backgrounds, sensitivities and values from different worlds collide at CHIN CHIN.


Our job is to ensure that a productive exchange and a mutual learning effect can occur, while at the same time protecting the boundaries of all participants.

We are aware that we will always learn something new and see this ongoing learning process as the most important part of our work. Training is one part, experience is the other. Only in practice do we learn what works and what doesn't. That is why we also rely on your feedback for our work. A safer space thrives on constant dialogue.

Please contact us at any time and in any way, ask for help, complain, give us feedback, praise us and tell us everything you want to tell us. Before the party, at the party, after the party, at any time (see CONTACT).

Definition of consent


Consent = voluntary, informed, clear and unambiguous, consciously requested and given.


Only YES means YES = Unlike in the legal system of *some* EU countries, at our parties ONLY YES MEANS YES! Silence, non-communication and uncertainty mean NO!


YES can become NO = Consent can be revoked at any time and is only valid for the moment.


Respect boundaries = Accept what your counterpart communicates or conveys to you. In case of ambiguity, do not interpret, but ask.


Bare skin is not an invitation! Although we have much nudity, promiscuity and playgrounds at our parties (we love it!), none of this is an invitation or consent to advances! Failure to respect this will result in expulsion from the party.

How does our team work?



Frances and Jo coordinate and organise the work of the Awareness Team. This includes the preparation of each individual party, as well as its follow-up and, of course, the realisation. It

also involves putting together and maintaining the team, communicating before and after the party, processing feedback, creating and improving concepts, and so on and so forth. Since

2024, we have also been the point of contact for critical feedback and sensitive digital topics and are involved in CHIN CHIN's communication.

Before the party

At the party

  • Putting together the team

  • Creating the concept

  • Meeting with security, club management and organizers

  • Briefing of the team with concept presentation and distribution of tasks

  • Creating and hanging notices (dress code, rules, etc.)

  • Social media communication

  • Setting up the awareness point, playground, etc.

  • Awareness point

  • Entry control and sorting

  • Dress code control

  • Putting stickers on phone cameras

  • Educate guests about the topic of awareness

  • Tours and crowd control

  • Cooperation with security

  • Warnings and expulsions

  • Admission to the Playground

  • First aid

  • Training of new colleagues

  • Communication with organisers, club, security, bar, team and guests


After the party

  • Dismantling

  • Feedback with the team

  • Feedback discussion with organizers

  • Feedback discussion with club management and security

  • Feedback processing

  • Social media communication

  • Adapt and improve the concept

  • Optimisation

  • Team care

Our stations at the party


At the entrance, the team carries out admission and sorting. At least one person is always present at the door for this purpose. We are also responsible for taping off phone cameras and enforcing the photo and film ban. We also make sure that all our guests adhere to the dress code and educate them about awareness.

Awareness point

There is always someone from our team at the A-Point. It is usually quite visible, accessible and near the entrance. We have all kinds of everyday items for you: Water, fruit, snacks, a hot water bottle, tampons, sanitary towels, other hygiene products, etc. All guests are welcome at the A-Point at any time! Be it for a chat, a glass of water or to ask for help.


At the Playground, we regulate admission and ensure that all visitors are aware of the rules of the Playground. In addition, the awareness person at the playground is always available for guests and ready to help.

Tour & Floors

The awareness team keeps an eye on the dancefloors and is always available for all dancing guests. To this end, we make constant tours in smaller teams of usually 2 people. This position is also responsible for any warnings and expulsions.

In which cases can we help you?


If you have any questions about your outfit, preparation or party safety.


If you have any questions about awareness, our safety concept or our way of working.


If you need water, a snack or toiletries.


If you feel uncomfortable.


If someone touched you without your consent or other personal boundaries have been exceeded.


If someone has threatened you or acted aggressively towards you.


If you have witnessed or experienced violence.


If you saw something that irritated or disturbed you.


When you see someone who could use some help.


If you want to give us feedback.


If you need a break from the party.


If you feel the need to talk about the party sometime after the party.


The CHIN CHIN awareness team was founded in 2022 and has been present at every party ever since, with a changing line-up. At the request of the organisers, an attempt was made at the time to make the party safer and more enjoyable through an Awareness Team. The first team consisted of just 2 people, who went through a wild, chaotic and sometimes painful learning process in the first year to find out what works and what doesn't, what you can and can't do as an awareness team, and that 2 people are definitely not enough to look after several hundred guests.


After the initial discovery phase, the team now consists of 5 to 8 members, depending on the size of the event, who work together in fixed positions, follow a protocol and communicate in a well-rehearsed manner. In addition to our presence at the parties themselves, new tasks were added at the end of 2023, such as sole communication via social media and email for sensitive topics, conception and security planning, further training and permanent contact persons for Bonn (Jo) and Cologne (Frances).


Write to us

If you have feedback for us, questions about our work, or just want to chat with us, feel free to send us an email!

Alternatively, you can reach us via the CHIN CHIN accounts on Instagram and Facebook, which we also manage. We look forward to hearing from you!

You would like to join the Awareness Team? Then send your application to our email address! If you are interested, we offer you the opportunity to do an internship at one of our


Kisses and CHIN CHIN Love

Your awareness team

© Copyright Awareness concept

 Jo Scherer

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