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CHIN CHIN is a party happy-ning that connects people and celebrates differences. It brings together freedom and awareness, with a passion for art.

CHIN CHIN sees itself as an inclusive queer meeting space. Heterosexual and queer guests and artists are part of our community. The parties are organised by a collective with a changing line-up. Our members work in social and artistic fields and come from diverse backgrounds.

CHIN CHIN combines queer club culture with performing arts, drag art, visual art and music to create a space of love and diversity, break gender boundaries and experience new forms of party and performance culture.

The quintessence of the party can be summarised in the slogan #kinkyqueerArtclub.


CHIN CHIN is a sex-positive party where you can live out your kink. This includes a certain degree of nudity, as seen at fetish and kinky parties. Sexual encounters are also possible in the specially designed playgrounds. The basis is an atmosphere of consideration and mutual trust. Guests and artists create this atmosphere together. A large part of the beauty of our parties lies in this shared responsibility. 

You can find our dress code at


The term Queer, contrary to its original negative connotation in the English-speaking world (‘Queer’ meaning crazy, strange, suspicious), has been reappropriated into a self-designated term for and by members of the LGBTQ+ community. It is used by us in two different ways:

Firstly, Queer is considered an open term for all sexual orientations and gender identities that do not conform to heteronormativity or the binary gender system. Furthermore, the term describes an attitude that recognises the fluid transition between different genders and sexual identities, and fundamentally questions the practice of labelling people in a restrictive 'either/or' classification.

In using the term Queer for our party, we explicitly invite all genders and sexual identities to feel welcome and use the space we open to enhance collective empowerment. We also want to use the term as a reminder of the social movements and struggles that have made spaces like ours possible and have fought for the term and the self-determination it stands for.

Queer is a riot!


Art has always been a link between different points of view, a provocateur, an eye-opener, a driving force and, last but not least, a great entertainer.
Dancing, DJs, performance, drag, video art, make-up art, artistry, visual arts, stage design, singing, comedy, readings... - the various artistic genres are as diverse as our performers and guests! Because art is an encounter. Art awakens emotions. Art lets us discover new things.

Each event has its own motto: changing themes, from pop culture to consumer criticism, from quirky fun to serious debate. We try to incorporate the ambivalence of our many themes into the design of the programme: from amazement and laughter to arousal and self-reflection.


We see Club as a utopian space for the Many of us to rethink society. As a laboratory for interpersonal development, to break with norms and realise the individual potential of each person.

At CHIN CHIN you will always find at least one pop floor and one techno floor. Depending on the club, we use all the spaces available to creatively explore the boundaries of our parties’ set designs.


CHIN CHIN is privately financed and the risk of fluctuating visitor numbers is borne by the organisers, who organise the project on a part-time basis. Only the entrance fees serve as income, as we are not sponsored or supported. We also do not utilise economies of scale, e.g. to perform a motto in several cities. We start from scratch at every party, which is incredibly time-consuming and expensive, but that's what gives us our artistic appeal. Contrary to common practice, where, for example, set-up helpers or the awareness team are not paid, we pay an hourly wage above the minimum wage. Plus rent for the clubs, Gema, drinks for employees, catering, event insurance, security, sound and lighting technicians, visual and animation artists, lawyers, tax consultants, decorations, advertising, DJs, travel expenses, artist care, performers and much more.

A party in Cologne costs a good five figures and in Bonn just under five figures until we as organisers are making money. What's more, kinky parties are a pre-sale business, as no one wants to be turned away at the door in their kinky dress. So we only realise 95% of the advance booking price. 

If we are not sold out, this means that we sometimes work for free or even make a loss. In order to financially compensate for the 100 or so hours of work per organiser and party, we would actually have to charge an entrance fee of over 30€. However, we are aware that we would then no longer be able to count on the audience and visitor numbers. Discounted tickets for students and trainees are also important to us, as they should not be missing from our utopia (approx. 1/4 of the tickets are therefore sold at €5 less).

As a way of showing solidarity with us, we introduced the Good Karma Ticket in 2024.


Founded in Bonn in 2018, the parties take place in different clubs and cities. In 2019, CHIN CHIN organised the opening party for BURNING ISSUES at the Berlin Theatertreffen.

In 2022, CHIN CHIN hosted the 30th birthday party of the Bundeskunsthalle, the opening party of the Britney X Festival (Schauspiel Köln) and was part of the Beethovenfest programme. 2022 was also the year Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld Cologne became one of our regular venues.

In 2023, CHIN CHIN was a guest at and hosted at Odonien Cologne, among other venues.

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